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        1. Coronavirus / COVID19 Update
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          Inside The Extras Dept.

          Coronavirus / COVID19 Updated Information July 2020

          18 March 2020

          Back in March all our productions took the difficult but essential decision to shut down filming.  Of course this meant that we at The Extras Dept also temporarily closed our doors.

          We are now starting to see productions returning to filming tentatively.  Over the course of lockdown, there was a lot of work going on behind the scenes with our screen agency, NI Screen along with producers and other UK organisations to work out a pathway for returning to work in our screen industries.

          As we start along this new journey, things will be different on set and at costume fittings for us all.  We are extremely impressed by the level of detail and importance that productions are putting in place to ensure a safe environment for all.
          As we start to get back to casting you all in our productions, we will be asking the important questions on your behalf of the productions and will endeavour to communicate these to you.  All productions are approaching things differently according to their size, scale and individual filming needs.  What you experience on one production may be different on another.  We must highlight the importance of reading the information that we send you in detail, we all need to keep ourselves and those we are working with safe.

          We ourselves at The Extras Dept are not back in the same capacity as we were before the industry shut down happened.  We are working remotely more often and doing our best to keep ourselves and our families safe and secure.  We do ask that if you have a general enquiry for us you email [email protected] and we will reply to your query.  If you are booked on a production it is important that you know who your point of contact is and please communicate with them for production specific enquiries.

          This is indeed a new way of working for us all and we want to reassure you that we will have the best interests of you and our productions at heart.

          We are delighted to be back and are really looking forward to talking with you all.

          The Extras Dept. Team.